Registrations as of 12/11/2019

2019 Caveman Chess Camp-Adult Registrations
June 23 - 28, North Central College, Naperville, IL 60540 Secondary Registration until February 28, 2019. Register for dorm room at Be sure to list requested roommates on "Special Requests" line For more information see Registration Timing Fee Policy: Registration received prior to: December 31, 2018 - no timing fee; February 28, 2019 - $100 timing fee; May 31, 2019 - $200 timing fee; June 14, 2019 - $300 timing fee;

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Section: Explorer - Resident
Player NameRatingUSCFExp.ClassSchoolGrade
Shattuck, Drew1509167359346/30/2019 #expiredCOPOPR12
Section Total: 1 Players
Section: Intensive Study Fundamental Adult - Resident
Player NameRatingUSCFExp.ClassSchoolGrade
Creech, Dean1038160633575/31/2020 E  
Elliott, Matthew 1027122132804/30/2020 E  
Section Total: 2 Players
Section: Intensive Study Fundamental Adult - Non-resident
Player NameRatingUSCFExp.ClassSchoolGrade
Sawyer, Tim -1104126569119/30/2022 E  
Sawyer, Timothy1104126569112022-09-30 E  
Cook, Jonathan 0170085273/31/2020 Unrated  
Cook, Jonathan -0170085273/31/2020 Unrated  
Section Total: 2 Players
Section: Intensive Study Advanced Adult, Resident
Player NameRatingUSCFExp.ClassSchoolGrade
Benggawan, Undriadi1779124427635/31/2020 B  
Cortes, Antonio14881618968811/30/2019 #expiredC  
Dreher, Michael1188P124437874/30/2020 E  
Heller,Jack 1044124717014/30/2020 E  
Section Total: 4 Players
Section: Master Class, Resident
Player NameRatingUSCFExp.ClassSchoolGrade
Bian, Alex -2459132573351/31/2021 Senior  
Carey, Michael21051012056012/31/2099 Expert  
Section Total: 1 Players
Section: Dorm Room - Single
Player NameRatingSchoolGrade
Dreher, Michael -1188P  
Section Total: 0 Players


Total - All Sections: 10 Players.

* = Needs to Pay Registration Fee - PLEASE CONTACT TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR
#expired = You must renew your USCF Membership before the tournament.
- = Withdrawn
If you need to have changes made to your registration, please email the Tournament Director.