Registrations as of 8/14/2020

2019 Thanksgiving USCF Rated Cash Prize Tournament
4420 Chouteau Kansas City, MO 64117 Suite G2

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Section: Chess Tournament Entry
Player NameRatingUSCFExp.Class
Lauser, Jessica17331259382112/31/2099 B
Thomas, Noah1556167324745/31/2020 #expiredC
Etter, Darryl1374P1261282910/31/2020 D
Section Total: 3 Players
Section: Free for Players USCF 1900 Plus
Player NameRatingUSCFExp.Class
Brooks, Michael23551104568510/31/2021 Master
Smith, Frank2001128343661/31/2020 #expiredExpert
Wawrzaszek, Jason19171268575510/31/2020 A
Fee, Kenneth19031248090212/31/2099 A
Section Total: 4 Players


Total - All Sections: 7 Players.

* = Needs to Pay Registration Fee - PLEASE CONTACT TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR
#expired = You must renew your USCF Membership before the tournament.
- = Withdrawn
If you need to have changes made to your registration, please email the Tournament Director.